The Caring and Rescuing Continues

The shelter location may have changed to a network of foster homes, but the need for Rescue, Hospice Care, Ferret Sitting and Education continues.

These have been some challenging months to continue. The phone rings everyday with a ferret needing help a person with questions, or more dire circumstances.  

In the past few weeks we have assisted a cancer patient to find homes for five ferrets, taken in three ferrets whose owner was beaten to death by her husband,     made room for two ferrets left behind by a drug addict, provided hospice care for previously adopted ferrets who returned to have us make their last bit of time more comfortable.

While our resources are at an all time low, our hearts are still full and the need for us to "BE THERE" continues.

Help Us to keep Helping Them.................

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Additional Services:

FERRET SITTING CONNECTION:                         

There is some ferret sitting available during the upcoming holidays.  

We urge you to contact us to see if we can accomodate you.  781-249-4628

Additionally: We are setting up a service to help connect folks needing ferret sitting with ferret experienced folks willing to provide it.

We also train folks who wish to become ferret sitters. *Please click "Ferret Sitting" on the left side of this page for more info.*

PRODUCTS: We will continue to make Diane's Dry Dook Soup Mix and Wonderful Weasel Laundry Soap.  You can contact us directly or Check Us Out and "Like" us on Facebook. 

EVENTS:  We will continue our annual Ferret Rabies Clinic and Health Care Day as well as other fun & fundraising events such as the Hospice for the Holidays Party and theFerret, Fellowship, Food & Summer Fun Day.


We want you all to be part of our future, you can help ! 


   PO BOX 238, HOLBROOK, MA 02343


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