FLUFFY FERRET MAKE OVER Wicked Weasel Day Spa at South Shore Ferret Care

Were Your Weasels Dooking the Winter Blues?

Are they just Musking and Moping around the house?


Put the Spring back in the step and Treat Them to Some Pampering and  a Fluffy Ferret Make-Over!! 


Wicked Weasel Day Spa at South Shore Ferret Care offers all kinds of ferrety services from bubbly baths, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and teeth brushing followed by a warmed up towel for a nose to tail rub down and an air fluff-dry romp around the play area, completed by a Delicious Dook Soup topped off with warmed ferretone.


Spa Package #1 $20 – Fluffy Ferret Make over: your ferret gets the full treatment (bubbly bath, ear cleaning, nail trimming, teeth brushing, warm towel rub down, fluff dryer and/or air fluff romp around the play area, carrier cleaning, dook soup with warmed ferretone).


Spa Package # 2 – $25 Gentle & Soothing Treatment: this is a deluxe package geared more or a ferret with special or medical needs or for an older ferret. They get a gentle bathing with Aveeno Oatmeal which includes calendula oil to sooth delicate, dry or irritated skin or areas missing fur for adrenal ferrets. Included also: ear cleaning, nail trimming, teeth brushing, warm towel rub, fluff dryer and/or air fluff stroll around the play area, carrier cleaning, special dook soup with options for additional add-ins such as melatonin, milk thistle, slippery elm bark, iron drops, saw palmetto, topped off with warmed Vivify or ferretone. Followed by a gentle massage.


Spa Package # 3 – Keep It Simply Simple (KISS): $10  this package covers just the basics, a baby fresh wipe down, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, quick assessment and a bowl of soup with warmed ferretone.



All Wicked Weasel Spa Packages include a take away bag of Goodies: sample size of Dry Dook Soup, sample size Wonderful Weasel Laundry Soap, Coupons for Ferret Sitting, Coupons for ferrety items at South Shore Ferret Care purchases, 15% off Coupons for beautifully handcrafted long lasting spectacular ferret hammocks, snuggle cubes and sleep sacks from Little Feet Ferret Retreat (LFFR), and a $25 off coupon for veterinary services of initial exams for new owners at Randolph Animal Hospital, Coupons for ferret events and educational classes.

(Purchased separately from a Spa Package or as a Gift for a Ferret Friend) a $5 Shelter Donation is requested.


If you would prefer to customize your ferret’s day spa experience, you make mix and match or add on any of the following services:

A La Carte:

·        Nail Trimming $4

·        Through Ear Cleaning $5

·        Gentle Teeth Brushing $5

·        Side of Soup Topped with Warm Ferretone $2

·        Blood Glucose reading $7.50

·        Carrier Make Over  $5- $15


Ferrety Items Available:

Diane’s Dry Dook Soup:

©     Regular size (1 lb.)  $15

©     Adrenal Blend (1lb) $20

©     Insulnoma Blend (1lb) $20

©     Combo special needs blend(1lb) $20- $25

©     Customized Blended Order  (1lb) $20 - up

Wonderful Weasel Laundry Soap

·        Regular Size $7.50

·        Large Size    $15.00